Anne Mbugua

Anne Mbugua


Anne Mbugua brings a wealth of over 25 years’ experience in legal practice. She is the Senior Partner and Head of the Litigation Department at Musyimi and Company Advocates. The department with her leadership specializes in practice areas in Commercial Litigation, Banking Law, Environmental and Land Law, Judicial Review, Family Law, Medical Law (negligence and malpractice matters), Employment law, Debt Collection, Insurance Law, Arbitration and Mediation.

Anne Mbugua jointly with other family law practitioners is actively working with the Judiciary and other stakeholders in initiatives targeting the improvement of the delivery of justice in the Family Division of the High Court of Kenya. She bears an appreciation of the role law in the social and economic spheres of life.

In partnership with professionals from various disciplines, they have established the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum (KCPF) which is active in advocacy in areas of Governance, Family, Life, and Religious Freedom. She is the current Chairperson of the KCPF Advisory council.

Anne has fully embraced the spirit and letter of Article159(c) 1 of the Constitution in the promotion of Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Given her long-serving experience in guiding families through dispute resolution and primarily  with the realization of the fundamental role played by the family as  the basic unit in shaping societal values and paradigms, she has promoted mediation in the family law  precincts such as Children’s Matters (custody, maintenance, parental access rights, parental responsibility agreements, adoptions), Spousal related matters (divorce, separation, matrimonial property settlements, prenuptial agreements) and Succession, Probate and Administration related disputes.

She upholds the view that mediation is the best form of resolving civil and family-related disputes among others as it promotes consultations and cohesion between parties. Through her practice as a mediator, she has successfully guided various parties in resolving very contentious disputes out of court which saves families the agony and costs of protracted litigation.

Anne Mbugua, alongside a group of fellow colleagues in the legal profession who share the value of alternative dispute resolution through mediation, has spearheaded the formation and foundation of the Christian Mediation Centre – in Kenya.

In order to create an avenue for efficient access to mediation services and facilities, she, later on, established an independent mediation center situated in Nairobi- Kenya; Tupulla, Mediators. Through Tupulla Mediators, she has provided access to an efficient, solution-based, timely, and party-driven resolution of disputes in an amicable, secure, and open environment for fair, party-driven resolution.