We, the undersigned registered voters in the Republic of Kenya, in exercise of our sovereign power, do hereby consent to the proposal to amend the constitution by popular initiative/petition through parliament as envisaged under Articles 255, 256 and 257 of the constitution of Kenya to address, among other things, the following issues:

1. Subjecting international laws to the laws enacted either directly (under the constitution) or indirectly (through legislation in parliament) to stop the importation of laws, customs and cultures that are foreign.

2. To foster freedom of religion and the right of religious institutions and parents to determine how their children are brought up/educated and to ensure that there is holistic education, which includes spiritual development.

3. To expressly outlaw homosexual activities and conduct and address the backdoor amendment by the court allowing same-sex couples, that is, both male and female same-sex partners, room to freely participate in illegal activities.

4. To expressly outlaw the provision of/ access to abortion services on demand as allegedly being part of sexual reproductive healthcare and to also clarify the prohibition of abortion on demand for whatever reason.

5. Ensuring that the interpretation framework provided is not prone to exploitation by way of extrapolation by liberal approaches leading to backdoor amendments and destruction of the moral fabric of the society.