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Why Join KCPF?

  1. Opportunity to influence the implementation of the Constitution, National Values and policies (Article 10) revolving around Life (Article 26), Family (Article 45), Religion (Article 32), Good Governance (Article 6) and Social Justice. Advocacy is most successful in the context of coalition building and collective voice. The Forum creates such a platform for collective, consistent and constructive advocacy engagement to influence laws, policies, bills, court cases and lobbying for moral values in all spheres of the society.
  2. Equipping: KCPF is engaged in Action Research to facilitate effective responses to contemporary issues so that church leaders and Christians speak from a point of understanding and with authority.
  3. Networking: The Forum is an excellent space to meet with other professionals across many divides: professional, denominational, generational, ethnic, political affiliations, etc. and freely share challenges, experiences, encouragement and connect as Christians in the market place.
  4. From Impotence to godly Influence: Sometimes as a Christian, you may feel impotent to stem the flood of obscene content on mass and social media and this can be frustrating. At KCPF you meet with other Christians who share your values, concerns and frustrations, and best of all, you have the opportunity to join hands and promote and protect godly values in the legal-social framework.
  5. From Apathy to Movement: Your Church or institution, or even yourself as an individual, can join a caucus and become part of the Movement to stand up and be counted for speaking out against moral corruption of our society
  6. Whistle Blowing: KCPF is a Watch Tower and considers whistleblowing quite in order. If as a Christian you need to raise the alert on something being planned or done against public interest, you have an empathetic audience to guide, help and support you get the attention of the relevant authorities.
  7. Giving Back to God and Society: As Christians, we are called to live not unto ourselves but to put others’ interests, and especially the vulnerable first and in so doing, model Jesus’ life and glorify God.