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Programme Officer

Tobias Nauruki is a chemist and a prolife activist in matters life, family, and faith.
Tobias is The Global Empowered Youth Coalition Africa Regional coordinator EYC, a coalition that brings together different organizations that aims at uniting youth across the globe to stand for life and family. Prior to being the regional coordinator, Tobias is the PLO-Lumumba Foundation Kajiado County brand ambassador, a foundation that deals with mentorship, advocacy, nurturing of young Africans, servant leadership and promotion of education, health among people and participation in economic activities geared towards improving the living standards of people in low-income rural and urban areas.

He has worked with Yoga of Devotion International YOD an NGO that focusses on supporting the young women and low-class people both in the informal settlements and rural areas get access to basic needs and education during which period he specialized in advocacy, leadership trainings, agriculture, and other commercial transactions as well as being the ringleader for all the organizations financial and advocacy matters revolving around life, family, and faith.

Before this he served as the chairperson of the Kakamega Intercollegial Catholic Students Association- KICCSA a Catholic student-based Association bringing together all tertiary institutions in Vihiga & Kakamega counties under the Catholic Diocese of Kakamega, MMUST Catholic Students Association Chairperson, MMUST Students Organization School representative, MMUST Prolife coordinator and many more leadership positions based on life, family, faith, and youth affairs.

Tobias was, until March 2020 he served as KICCSA Kakamega Diocese Education Committee student’s representative. He has also served as the CJPC coordinator in the university, diocesan communication agents secretary as well as PLO-Lumumba Foundation assistant project coordinator which is a global foundation.
Tobias led to the creation of Catholic Diocese of Kakamega Education app which is currently helping the pupils, students and teachers get access to different learning materials both about their faith, family, life, and general socio-economic thematic areas.

Tobias holds a bachelor in chemistry from Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, a certificate in Computer studies as well as certificate in agribusiness management from Baraka Agriculture college, Molo Nakuru County.