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KCPF Membership

KCPF works through committees and each committee has clear terms of reference. Brief overviews of the committees’ mandates are outlined below:

  1. Life Committee: advocating for and promoting the culture of life in Kenya.
  2. Family Committee: Promotes and protects the Family as outlined in Article 45 of the Constitution.
  3. Education Committee: Inculcating and mainstreaming moral values through Education.
  4. Religion Committee: Champions our religious freedom in Kenya and beyond.
  5. Governance Committee: Promoting Leadership and Integrity as outlined in Chapter 6 of the Constitution.
  6. Media Committee: supporting and networking KCPF committees so as to profile and publicize their programmes through electronic and print media. It monitors and reports destructive content appearing in the media, as well as highlighting the wholesome ones.
  7. Welfare Committee: Advice, make comments and propose guidelines on the welfare arrangements for the benefit of KCPF Members. It also celebrates and stands with Members in and out of season.

How To Join

To join KCPF, you are expected to select at least one area of interest where you can serve.  Please fill the form: Membership form